President & CEO

Parth Patel

Building up the ache of working under someone, and no one accepting the new talent and vision I was inherent with, gave birth to the advisor and a businessman in me. Struggling over putting new visions in a damped business and no one letting me do, gave me a hint that I had more than what I saw in me. I belonged to a middle-class family back in India, which made me a really good negotiator, since the age of 10 I was fond of selling stuff to people, now to businesses. A Creator, a Visioner, a Negotiator, and a Forecaster.


My Approach

Build with the power from within!! A Youthful Business Advisor, with inching up of 5+ years of experience in business dynamics.

Whether it’s building a business or learning, I have always been very keen and happy learning new stuff, it’s not always for me that I know everything, it’s always an approach that I wish to learn and grow with everything. Selling was my forte and my tongue accompanied me everywhere adding on my mind and kept putting in more and more advice for the growth. As life has always given tough times to all, my approach is simple – Just keep going, there is a way and solution to everything if you keep going hard and harder towards it.

Professional Skills