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Let's Go through of Work Patterns in Creating your Designs Via UI/UX DESIGN

Step 1: Wireframing

Creating a creative layout design for your website starts with a first step which is called Wireframing. It’s an outline that represents the main groups of content and shows the general features of an interface. It contains gray boxes, lines, buttons, and sample text.

Step 3: Clickable prototype

This is a final step where we can see the model of the future product designed. Unlike a mockup, it has all visual and functional elements, content, and may work like the final product.


Step 2: Mockup

The details are the core to any design and while it isn’t noticed all times, when it is missing it looks incomplete, this step is an illustration of how the product screens will look. It’s an exact mid way pointer between a wireframe and a prototype, having colors, logos, pictures, and usually, UX writing instead of the real content.

How does the UI / UX Design matter?

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