Difference between GA3 and GA4

difference between GA3 and GA4

While we work on search engine optimization (SEO), there are two main aspects in the game – Google Analytics 3 (GA3) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Both tools provide helpful insights about a website’s performance, but the two versions can vary in features and functionality. So if you’re finding something for the best results, here are the best tools to optimize your website and increase visibility for any SEO agency in Orlando; it’s important to understand the differences between GA3 and GA4.

At a basic level, GA3 and GA4 both provide analytics data on your website’s performance. This includes page views, time spent on a page, website traffic sources, and more. The primary distinction between them is their methods of tracking and analyzing data. GA3 uses pageview tracking, while GA4 uses event-based tracking. Pageview tracking is more straightforward and less detailed, but building an accurate picture of user behavior may require some time. Event-based tracking offers more granular insights, making it easier to understand how people navigate your website easier.

Another important difference between GA3 and GA4 is the way they measure campaigns. GA3 utilizes UTM parameters to measure campaigns, while GA4 leverages the Conversions API to measure custom events. UTM parameters are great for basic performance tracking, but they can’t count the specific actions a user takes on your website. The Conversions API allows you to track each user’s activity with insightful information on how visitors interact with your website and the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Finally, GA3 and GA4 both offer features that assist you in improving your website’s performance and understanding it better.GA3 offers Reports, Dashboards, and Third-Party Integrations, while GA4 offers Audiences, Experiments, and Insights. Reports and Dashboards are effective methods to obtain a broad understanding of your website’s performance. At the same time, Audiences and Insights can help you analyze user behavior and better understand your users. Experiments are useful for testing new features on your website in a controlled environment.

Overall, both GA3 and GA4 offer unique features and detailed insight into user behavior. These tools can help you comprehensively understand your website’s performance when used together. At Growception, we specialize in implementing SEO solutions that will help you increase website visibility and achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make the most of your GA3 and GA4 benefits.

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