Social Media Era – Over The Covid – 19 Trends

social media era

Did someone say SOCIAL MEDIA?

One of the fascinating platforms for everything, make it business, selling flowers to IT Services. From a stitch to star, all are sold and bought on social media. And with this fantastic honored pandemic we were blessed with, we saw people becoming connecting and outspoken coming out for support to some little guying selling fruits to ragging in agony to wrong acts done by people.

We saw millions and billions of people showing heartfelt support to doctors on one side and others complaining about them on the same platform.

Teaching: It’s you who can make it!!

Coming to the business perspective, we mainly enriched with two things with the Covid – 19 era.

  1. Engagement & Videos 
  2. The Better The More

Engagement & Videos
Videos got a lot more attraction than any other post. With the pandemic, the reels got into trend. Whether the reels as an option ever suited the business or not, every business started creating reels and realistic videos to show what they had in the bag for the audience. Before covid 19, the trends were tilted towards videos, but they were humorous or memes, but post covid, the trends have completely taken over. We have videos and reels all over our social media platforms for fun and for fun shopping, selling products, services, and almost everything.
This signifies that if you need to be in the race, you need to post and share real content through videos.

The Better, The More
It’s always seen that people lush over their photos and posts. They photo-dump their feed and stories. But does that really mean that they get more reach or followers?

Well, if you see, they may, but practically it’s a big NO. When you upload too much or “photo dump” your account, your followers may like 1 or 2 of your posts but not more as they will be bored, and the same goes for the stories.

Posting multiple photos is fine, but all in a breathe is never a good idea, even not in a day. The reach to each post get’s lower and lower.

Posts and stories should be posted artistically to get more reach, and you may get more followers and engagement.

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These two significant trends have crashed a lot of posts not engaged for a long time. Let’s break the trend and grow our business.

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